LGBTQ+ Mental Health & the Holidays

There are two camps during the holiday season: bows, ribbons, and tinsel and all your favorite things. OR…just no. Holidays can be particularly trying for people in the LGBTQ+ community. Often, we are forced to spend time with people who may not be accepting and affirming. We are pushed into molding ourselves into a versionContinue reading “LGBTQ+ Mental Health & the Holidays”

Making History: Clock, Inc. Creates Welcoming Atmosphere for Local LGBTQ+ Community

It started with a Google search. Certainly, a lot had happened to lead Chase Norris (he/him) to this moment. He thought of his internship and his success in starting that organization’s first LGBTQ youth group. Yet he also recalled the frustration he felt knowing insurance barriers had prevented certain individuals from participating. He considered hisContinue reading “Making History: Clock, Inc. Creates Welcoming Atmosphere for Local LGBTQ+ Community”

Mental Health & COVID-19: How to Care for Yourself and Others

If COVID-19 has you stressed or worried, you are far from alone. Gallup reports three in four Americans worry that themselves or a family member will be exposed to coronavirus. And with constant media coverage around the toll the virus is having on daily life, it’s hard not to fall into that statistic. Now moreContinue reading “Mental Health & COVID-19: How to Care for Yourself and Others”

PrEP vs. PEP: What’s the Difference?

In previous blogs, we wrote about two different types of medications that can prevent HIV transmission: PrEP and PEP. We realize, though, that understanding how these medications differ from one another can be confusing. So, we thought it worthwhile to explain how they contrast in detail. With that having been said, check out the tableContinue reading “PrEP vs. PEP: What’s the Difference?”

Baby Boomers: You Should Care About Hepatitis C

Were you born between 1945-1965? If so, you’re classified as a “baby boomer,” and your risk of having Hepatitis C is higher compared to other generations. The CDC found that 75 percent of those living with Hepatitis C are boomers. About 1 in 30 people with Hep C don’t know they have it. Thankfully, HepatitisContinue reading “Baby Boomers: You Should Care About Hepatitis C”